Globe Securities Ltd. | Terms and Conditions ;


1. The online account will be created for the investor by the authority of Globe Securities Ltd. after including the Email address in the BO account.

2. No spam emails should be sent to Globe Securities Ltd from the provided email address.

3. The user ID and Password must be kept secret. Any disclosure of this information (i.e. user ID and Password) is fully prohibited and the investor will be responsible for any misuse of the user ID and Password from the user end.

4. The investor is able to place buy and sell orders by following applicable Rules of Dhaka Stock Exchange Ltd. and the Securities & Exchange Commission. However, Globe Securities Ltd. has the right to prevent the access into the service by using the authority conferred by Dhaka Stock Exchange Ltd. and the Securities & Exchange Commission, delay/ halt / filter or defer the orders to submit into the DSE MSA+ Software/DSE engine placed from the user’s end.

5. Orders can be placed either through website/online or through TESA workstation (over telephone or in person) but not simultaneously. Placing orders simultaneously through several media results in duplicate order executions. The investor will have to compensate for any loss incurred due to such activities.

6. Globe Securities Ltd. is not responsible for any delayed execution of order or any unexecuted order.

7. The investor must have adequate purchasing power against his/ her buying/purchasing orders of shares, as well as he/ she must have matured/ saleable shares in his/ her holding before placing of sell orders.

8. All information inserted/introduced by the investor in the site of the service provider is stored in the database duly and accordingly. The investor will be responsible for all operations through the service.

9. The investor is not allowed to do any kind of activities that is irrelevant to the online investor service of Globe Securities Ltd. He/ She must not violate any applicable rules of Dhaka Stock Exchange Ltd. as well as the rules of the Securities and Exchange Commission. If so, Globe Securities Ltd. preserves the absolute discretion to take any lawful action against the investor.

10. Globe Securities Ltd. preserves the authority to change, halt and ban permanently the online investor service without any prior notification. The investor also has the right to withdraw his/her consent with Globe Securities Ltd. with his / her prior written notification for halting the business through the website.